Jackie Chan & Ani Difranco


Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable"

jackie chan

Best known to the world as a hugely successful action star, and perhaps best remembered as the slapstick martial artist partner of whom Chris Tucker asks, "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?", Jackie Chan is equally known in his native Hong Kong as a popular singer. As a child Jackie was enrolled in the Chinese Opera Research Institute at age seven to learn dancing, singing, acting and martial arts. His voice was first noticed when Chan would sing over the closing credits of his own movies in Hong Kong. Recording contracts and a successful recording career followed soon thereafter.

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Ani DiFranco

A folkie in punk's clothing, Ani DiFranco battled successfully against the Goliath of corporate rock to emerge as one of the most influential and inspirational cult heroines of the 1990s. A resolute follower of D.I.Y. ethos, DiFranco released her records through her own indie label Righteous Babe, slowly but steadily building a devout grass-roots following on the strength of a relentless tour schedule. Her songs tackled issues like rape, abortion and sexism with insight and compassion, the music's empowering attitude and anger tempered by the poignant candor of singer-songwriter confessionalism.

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